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Xmas Cheer & Maintenance

First off, happy holidays to all our fellow PWN! Hope you have a great time, and the break from work/school/etc gives a much needed recharge to your sleepy brains! Secondly, yes, maintenance! There’s been a bunch of little things I’ve wanted to do to the site, but real life has rendered me unbored for the past few months. With the extra time off, I hope get some of the odd and ends accomplished that have fallen by the wayside. So, if you see anything screwy around the Christmas holidays, never fear, it’s just me breaking stuff while I fix it! If it persists afterwards, be sure to let us know, as that will most likely mean I’ve done something dumb and not noticed it. Cheers!

Site Access Issues

Hi all! If you’ve noticed our site is having trouble loading, you are not the only one. Our web-provider Dreamhost is currently under a DNS DDOS attack. Access may be sketchy until they are able to fully mitigate the issue. Thanks for bearing with us.