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I am a 25 year old lawyer from the United States. I'm from the Midwest, but currently reside and work in the Northeast for a two year job. Dog mom to a Golden Retriever named Hamilton. Diagnosed with Narcolepsy in Spring 2017, but likely have had the disorder since 2010. Happy to be one of the three administrators of this website and looking forward to getting to know the users of this community.

We are on Instagram!

Check us out on Instagram at @NarcolepsySupportOrg! You can always click the Social Media button in the top menu to see our latest posts.

We are still trying to find ways to raise awareness for our organization, and in turn, for Narcolepsy and other sleep disorders. Please help us in doing so!

We also are still looking for anybody who would like to help coordinate our social media presence! Contact us if you have any interest!

Seeking a Social Media Coordinator!

Seeking a volunteer to establish a social media presence!

As discussed in a previous announcement, the best way to establish our goals of providing community to those suffering from sleep disorders, raise awareness of the disorders, and provide education is to spread the word of this website!

To that end, we are seeking a volunteer to help establish a social media presence on instagram/twitter/facebook/etc. The primary purpose would be just to link back to this website. If you have experience with these websites and would like to devote your time and talents to our Narcolepsy Support Organization administrator team, please contact us!


Spreading the Word

The best way to help others suffering from sleep disorders is to help them find a community that understands, appreciates, and offers support to them. We are hoping that Narcolepsy Support Organization, through its forum and wonderful users like you, can be that community for people from all over the world, connected through the wonderful internet. We will never charge users to be a part of our forum, will never be in the pocket of any corporation through product promotion, and will never compromise user privacy- we will always strive to be a safe community that offers support, education, and advocates for awareness.

But we need your help if we want to reach those who need our community!

Those suffering from sleep disorders, as well as parents, spouses, and friends of people with sleep disorders who are seeking understanding and guidance, need to know about our website in order to reap its benefits!

How can you help?

  1. Tell your friends about the website and your experience with it if you’re comfortable! Never underestimate the power of word of mouth.
  2. Relatedly, share with any Narcolepsy support, advocacy, or education group you may be a part of!
  3. Upvote our introduction announcement on Reddit if you use it, so others will be more likely to take notice of it!
  4. Have a good relationship with your sleep disorder doc? Share the website with him or her in case he has any patients searching for a support community.

100 Members!

After 5 days, we’ve got 100 members! And I’m almost certain only a few of those are bots! Let’s keep this train rolling. Thank you to everyone for your support of the website, the forums, and each other!