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I’m actually getting to the point where I wish this was legal in my state. I’ve gone for years with just using lifestyle to manage my condition. However, I’m getting frustrated with my brain feeling it’s on undervolt 50% of the time. Even with good sleep hygiene, and using all the various tricks I’ve learned over the years, each day is a crapshoot. I heard something about a new medical cannabis being bill drawn up in the legislature in my state (yes, Alabama of all places haha). It could be dicey considering a lot of people in my profession in my general area end up working either directly on indirectly for the feds, where it’s still a bete noir, but if it goes through I’m definitely at the point where I think I’d give it a shot again. Years ago, I experimented in a less than legal capacity, but it didn’t seem to help then. However, smoking medicine is kinda crappy, so it wasn’t done in an ideal or reproducible manner.

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In the very first post in this thread, I put a link in under the heading “Why Deep Sleep is important to your health”. That was done on mice. Fast forward to 2019 and here are the results on humans. Same thing occurs. The links to the studies are at the bottom of the article.

Simply put: without deep sleep, your brain cannot do its housekeeping and toxins build up. Those toxins include beta amyloid. The build up of beta amyloid is a hallmark of dementia.

I am back on an even keel taking my half a grain of rice worth of THC oil sublingually just before bed. Great sleep.
I continue to take CBD oil in the morning when I wake up and again just before my afternoon nap. No pain.
Best of both worlds. I’m a happy camper as I approach my 68th birthday.

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Is there anybody out there? I kinda feel like I’m talking to myself on this forum.
Has anybody tried what is written in this thread? I know of one other person who has used the THC oil and it has helped their cataplexy. Unfortunately the information was relayed in a pm.
Come on people. Feed back please. You are absolutely anonymous on here so let’s help others if we can.
I don’t care if you’re in a non legal state. If you have cataplexy and regular meds aren’t working, would you move to a state where Cannabis is legal?

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Okay, here is the update. I just got home after spending two weeks in Canada. The CBD that I ordered to use there was not the best. It SAID it was a very high concentration but I had to increase my dosage drastically to be functional. It took four days of playing with the dosage. The good news is that I didn’t have any break through cataplexy. The bad news is that the sleep wasn’t as good as with the THC oil and I was dreaming a lot more.
Still, I think that it is an option worth trying IF you are in a state where THC is not legal.
My recommendation is to buy from a reputable company with third party testing for concentration, pesticides, heavy metals, fertilizer and fungus. fits those requirements.

Lab Test Results

Edited to add: The best sleepy strains from Leafly…

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I have such a hard time waking up! Especially now that its fall and its staying dark out later. It seems like that always effects me really bad. During the summer I’m fine, but when fall and winter hit, I physically can not get up in the morning before 7am no matter what I do. I am VERY lucky I have an understanding boss, otherwise my career would have ended a long time ago.
Any recommendations would be super helpful! I’ve tried just about everything, I think.

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I am in Canada at the moment and am without my usual oil. I just received this information from Leafly…

They only talk about vaping or smoking which is not ideal for many people. The effects (immediate) and dosage are far more controllable by taking it sublingually as oil just before bed. It was the strain information that is invaluable.
Since I couldn’t even bring my CBD oil nor my THC night oil into Canada, I purchased some CBD oil from a Canadian site and have been using it while here. I’m running a little rough as a result.
We are all unique! It takes a little effort and time to find what works for you. Love being in Canada with family but can hardly wait to get back on an even keel which keeps me at a functional level at home in Mexico.

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LoL, want one of those headbands!
Saw some ring, ‘oura’ I think it’s called, that reads body temp, heart rate and movement, it’s focus is sleep and has some sort of fda write up, $300 is too much though…

Am super sensitive to pillow and bed, I have a medium soft thick Latex bed with latex contoured pillow.
Toss and roll, know matter what I do, just can not stay comfortable for long in one position.
Will shift my pillow, shoving one of the corners under a shoulder towards/behind my back, while sort of straightening out my leg/s, often one knee bends.
The result is a somewhat slanted straight’sih position between on my back and a shoulder.
I’ll straighten the pillow out and do a quick rotation, then do the same process to sort of re-align.
Not gonna guess how often, but sometimes it’s every couple of minutes and ongoing.
It can be like I’m battling for comfort, like my muscles are engaged too much so for just maintaining any position, laying on the back is not desired but an easier position to be in.
Have to try hard not to sleep on my back, knowing I’ll have more apneas if, and when, I do.