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@capeofgoodhope No worries about where you post something! Are you taking any medications for cataplexy like Xyrem or an antidepressant? Have you tried any other medications for alertness?

The trick with amphetamines like adderall is that they are known to rapidly cause tolerance in most people. The key is to take a day or two off once a week if you can so the tolerance goes down. It does suck taking a day off that day though. I would also avoid caffeine if it doesn’t do much for you. Regular caffeine use actually has been shown to make people more tired because it is great at disrupting sleep even if you don’t realize it is. This is true even if you only drink it in the morning.

What I personally do is alternate medications to avoid tolerance. I take nuvigil on the weekends and an amphetamine on work days. But if adderall used to be great and stopped working, you have probably just become tolerant.

There’s a bunch of stuff you can do to improve your daytime functioning, like regular exercise and keeping a healthy weight. For me to function, it’s a combination of lifestyle and medications.