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Hi, sorry you’re going through this but you’ve come to the right place.
First, you should know that people with Narcolepsy are terrible at saying whether they slept or not. Sooooo many people say they never slept for the mslt but really did. Please put that out of your mind.
Both the psg and the mslt should be looked at as an opportunity to chill out and relax and catch up on much needed zzzzz’s while professionals observe what’s going on in your brain. It’s not perfect by any means but it’s all we’ve got at the moment.
You should go and check out the sleep centre beforehand… 1) will there be food and beverages? 2) is the bed comfortable? 3) climate control? 4) sound control? etc.
You may want to take your own pillow etc.
YOU are being tested so YOU are in control of your comfort.
I hope you are no longer taking antidepressants because most do suppress REM and REM is one of things they are looking for. If your Doctor says that you cannot be off any meds, then that information should well noted on your chart and be taken into consideration when looking at results. Other things that suppress REM are nicotine and cannabis.
So, ask any questions that you’re concerned about and we’ll do our best to set your mind at ease.
Chin up. You’re taking a first step to diagnosis.