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LoL, want one of those headbands!
Saw some ring, ‘oura’ I think it’s called, that reads body temp, heart rate and movement, it’s focus is sleep and has some sort of fda write up, $300 is too much though…

Am super sensitive to pillow and bed, I have a medium soft thick Latex bed with latex contoured pillow.
Toss and roll, know matter what I do, just can not stay comfortable for long in one position.
Will shift my pillow, shoving one of the corners under a shoulder towards/behind my back, while sort of straightening out my leg/s, often one knee bends.
The result is a somewhat slanted straight’sih position between on my back and a shoulder.
I’ll straighten the pillow out and do a quick rotation, then do the same process to sort of re-align.
Not gonna guess how often, but sometimes it’s every couple of minutes and ongoing.
It can be like I’m battling for comfort, like my muscles are engaged too much so for just maintaining any position, laying on the back is not desired but an easier position to be in.
Have to try hard not to sleep on my back, knowing I’ll have more apneas if, and when, I do.