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I’m actually getting to the point where I wish this was legal in my state. I’ve gone for years with just using lifestyle to manage my condition. However, I’m getting frustrated with my brain feeling it’s on undervolt 50% of the time. Even with good sleep hygiene, and using all the various tricks I’ve learned over the years, each day is a crapshoot. I heard something about a new medical cannabis being bill drawn up in the legislature in my state (yes, Alabama of all places haha). It could be dicey considering a lot of people in my profession in my general area end up working either directly on indirectly for the feds, where it’s still a bete noir, but if it goes through I’m definitely at the point where I think I’d give it a shot again. Years ago, I experimented in a less than legal capacity, but it didn’t seem to help then. However, smoking medicine is kinda crappy, so it wasn’t done in an ideal or reproducible manner.

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