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Allow some time for yourself to mourn. It’s OK and it’s part of processing your diagnosis.
You haven’t indicated what meds you are going to be trying, if any.
You most definitely can have a good, long and successful life and career but you are going to set boundaries for yourself and learn to live within them. Be diligent about your sleep time and take a scheduled nap if possible. Your body, your clock… find out what works best for you. Eat nutritious and healthy food prepared by your hand if possible. No sugar, no alcohol.
Mosy on over to the Non Rx Strategies section… the OTHER things that you do besides “pharmaceutical meds” may have an impact on you in the same way that they have helped others deal with it.
It’s not the end of the world even though it seems like it today. You can still be the best that you want to be even with this disability.

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