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Welcome back! Wow. They’re cutting straight to the chase and doing a spinal tap. Let us know how it goes please?
I re read this thread and this stuck out again… “due to misfortunate circumstances have made wonders for me after an accident I had at the age of 15 that almost left me paralyzed for life, falling on my had with such impact that my spine was compressed, 5 or 6 cms if I recall but the force luckily didn´t crack more than one of my discs(?) …. ” That accident may have been the final “environmental” blow that allowed the N with C to progress. @natdoc Any thoughts?
It actually doesn’t matter “how”. I know you just want to get on with your life. One day at a time my friend. Please read the section on this forum called Non Rx Strategies. Each one of us is unique but I now know three people with cataplexy who have benefited from cannabis oil. Besides eliminating the cataplexy, they are also reporting deep refreshing sleep at night. Hard to say if it’s the deep sleep that eliminates the cataplexy or not. I just know that I started taking it in December of 2014 and very rarely have cataplexy now and it’s not noticeable if I do. Considering that I was diagnosed in ’86 and had just about daily cataplexy until 2014, I can say it has made a remarkable difference in the quality of my life.
Hang in there!!