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I live in Miami/broward country in Florida. The sleep center tests, I did a long time ago and no I have never have genesite testing. I will look it up now and see where I can find it.
From I remember from the tests, most of my sleep was spent on light stage with the lowest percentage being deep sleep with several arouses at night. I wear a Fitbit and it’s always the same stage one sleep with several arousals and very little deep, even with xyrem. During the sleep center testing I had No snoring, which that was good but I felt like I never slept that night of the testing and I was told I basically was in stage one the whole time and fell into rem quickly when I had the naps on the MSLT, which I feel alseep for all of them
I’ve had leg twitching before falling alseep, when 1st starting the xyrem my legs bothered me much and I felt I had restless leg syndrome, it went away after a couple of months. They felt like I wanted to rip them off a one point with the burning and aching.
I should get a copy of the sleep results sent to me. I have a fit bit and even with the xyrem I don’t get much deep sleep, my biggest percentage is always light sleep. It also noticed something these days odd of work, it’s that I have a natural rhythm to get deep sleep at 5am. It’s a trend I see over and over I wonder if I have Circadian rhythm problems. I would really like any referrals you have here down in Florida. I’m very happy to find this ite. site and have a dr that’s actually knows what to do and how to manage.
I’m severely desperate and need help, I feel my current dr is dismissing me and doesn’t know how to deal with me. Please help me with this I’m desperate to get back to my life before xyrem state, even with the sleepiness, I wasn’t as much as a mess.
Please If you can help please PM me at my email,