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Thank you. I had 20 min to fall asleep but after 15 min past sleep start time they woke me up.

I’m not really sure what to do about the PVCs anymore. I’ve already been seen by two cardiologists and they never had an abnormal EKG and echo was normal. I had to wear a Holter Monitor for two weeks. It showed PVCs and PACs (not daily but when they occurred it was on and off for much of the day) and a few very short episodes of SVT. I’ve had very unpleasant symptoms with the SVT but there wasn’t an explanation for it. Felt like I was going to collapse. For one of them my head felt like it almost dropped and slammers into the table when I was sitting down for dinner but when I looked up and felt normal again the person sitting across from me said my head didn’t drop at all. It felt like I almost lost consciousness. My HR can be a little tachy too but maybe I have an over excited heart. Caffeine doesn’t seem to cause the palpitations. They just seem to happen at random.