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Everything you need to know is in the first post of this five page thread.

An INDICA concentrated oil that comes in a syringe. 1/2 a grain of rice worth sublingually just before bed. You don’t get high, or paranoid because you’re in a deep dreamless sleep. And, depending on the frequency of your cataplexy (mine was daily), it will be GONE in about two weeks. If you stop taking the oil, cataplexy comes back in about four days.
I also take CBD during the day (two drops sublingually at 7 am and two drops at 7 pm) and find it quite uplifting. Each drop has about 2.5 mg in it. Be careful when choosing CBD that it is FULL spectrum and not an isolate. Also that it has been third party tested for concentration and content. If the certificate of analysis is not shown ON the website BEFORE you go to purchase the product, I would steer clear of it. Lots of charlatans out there now.