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Regarding the initial post, I think every viral infection can and often does do permanent damage to various organs in the body, either directly or through some sort of immune response issue. We’ve just never had the world’s medical scientists all pointing their microscopes in the same general direction for such a protracted period of time, and now we’re starting to notice more of these post-infection maladies. If there’s one positive thing that can come out of this mess, it will be learning more about the impacts of viral infections, and possibly even how to predict who is going to be at risk for long standing complications. I was always a little bit of a sleepy boy, but a lot of that was due to poor habits. I got the swine flu of 2009 and had a really horrible bout with it, and it mainly just feels like I’ve been under the weather ever since. We’ve been conditioned to think that thanks to modern medicine, you get sick, and then if you survive you get well and that’s that. Truth is way more complicated I’m sure.

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