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I THINK you may have some counter productive timing and drugs going on. Assuming by PM you mean evening/before bed kind of timing?
These are the things that I have learned…
1) your thyroid med should be taken first thing in the a.m. on an empty stomach and nothing eaten for one hour… although you may drink coffee during that hour. And a big thank you to Jason for pointing that out to me.
2) best form of iron supplement to take is ferrous sulphate (with the C as you are already doing) and best on an empty stomach.
3) I totally understand the Adderall in the a.m. but taking the Zyrtec in the a.m.???
Zyrtec is an anti-histamine. Histamine keeps you awake. Would it not be better to space these two meds FAR apart? Take the Zyrtec at NIGHT since an anti-histamine is going to make you sleepy… and the two meds won’t be fighting each other.

These are just my queries and I would not change anything unless you talk with your Doctor. I know nothing about NAC. Last question… why are you taking Welbutrin year round if it was recommended for SAD?

Stay away from SUGAR in any shape or form…