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I used to take my thyroid med in the morning but I thought I read somewhere that I wasn’t supposed to take it with adderall. I’m also not supposed to take any vitamins or minerals near the levothyroxine but I’m also supposed to take those in the morning to avoid calcium since calcium inhibits iron absorption. It also affects thyroid hormone absorption. It’s very hard for me to remember to space out my meds every 1-2 hours several times per day. My pharmacist said it’s not typical to take the thyroid medicine at night but he said as long as I don’t eat within 2 hours before taking it that it should be fine. I used to take Zyrtec at night but I tend to get bad urticaria and if I miss a dose it flares up bad. Sometimes I even have a flare of it’s extra hit and humid in the evening which is typically when I go in a walk. I changed it to morning so that I got as much in my body as possible when I needed it (if that makes sense). I get nauseas and have asthma when it happens too. Very uncomfortable. I’ve never noticed it making me tired. I don’t take Benedryl because it knocks me out. I could try taking it at night in the winter since I’m less likely to work up a sweat with exercise. The depression meds I started in October of 2019. I honestly didn’t know I was supposed to go off of them. I have SAD from October-April so over half of the year. My dr did say he would start weaning me down in April and see how it goes and that the worst thing to do is go off of them in winter or fall. I’ve never really been suicidal but I have had a lot of negative intrusive thoughts and felt there is nothing to look forward to and that has really scared my husband. Just very flat affect. So since they seem to be helping I’ve just stayed on them.

Thank you for your concern. I just have so many things that technically shouldn’t be taken with other meds or foods and it’s so hard for me to keep track of. The good thing is my TSH has never been out of whack since treatment whether I take it morning or night. They check it twice per year.