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Nice to read all of your experiences with sleep and dreaming, it lines up with my own experience pretty good. Since starting stimulants 5 years ago, I also stopped having hallucinations and paralysis before going to sleep. They didn’t help with the dreams though and I’ve more or less managed those with baclofen and CBD. I’ve dabbled in trying to lucid dream before but have never actually achieved and instead, have had deeper dreams that leave me feeling completely unrefreshed in the mornings. The subject matter of my dreams is usually never enjoyable. Lots of dreams where someone is pursuing my wife and I. Death and destruction are common. Sometimes on the “lighter” side, I’ll have these really realistic dreams where I’m hanging out with a long lost friend who I’ve either had a falling out with or who have died. When I wake up, it usually takes a few crushing minutes before I realize that it was just a dream.

It’d be nice to know why my dreams took a turn for the worse when I developed Narcolepsy. I would have constant nightmares as a kid when I lived in a house with mold growing on the walls but when we moved out when I was 9, my dreams became like everyone else’s dreams I guess until the first Narcolepsy symptoms showed up at age 17.