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I think that’s cataplexy for sure. I used to work as a lab technologist and started work at 7 am… shift was 7-3 and others worked 3-11 and 11-7.
As soon as I started having cataplexy, I stopped working where I might accidentally kill someone.
Is there any chance that you can fit in a nap after your shift? It might help you better cope because seven hours just isn’t going to cut it. I still sleep 10 hours a day (7 hours from 11 to 6 and a nap from 2 to 5. Basically had to split my days into manageable slices.
Also, I want you to head over to the Non Rx Strategies section and read the other ways that you can help yourself… what food you eat, etc.
Unless someone can record a cataplexy episode with their cell phone that you can show to your Doctor it’s going to be tough to prove. I took my hubby with me as a witness (before cell phones).
The point of the above is to let you know that looking for a medication to solve your problems is probably a pipe dream because sometimes the medication is worse than the problem. Just be aware of that and know that you have other options.
BTW, my mslt (35 years ago) was under a minute in all four naps and REM in all four naps plus full fall down cataplexy.
You can do this!