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It’s been a while since I posted on this thread so I’d like to give you an update. I started out in this process by using a pure Indica called Afghani (only THC NO CBD). That’s what gave me the deepest sleep and eliminated the cataplexy. Then I couldn’t get it any more and had to use a half THC half CBD from heaven only knows what strain. Okay, but not the same and I had to take twice as much to achieve mediocre results.
FINALLY… I am two weeks into a new supply of PURE INDICA based HINDU KUSH (only TCH no CBD). OH MY! What a difference!!! Not only is it a wonderful deep sleep but I’m not having breakthrough cataplexy AT ALL. It wasn’t the heavy fall down cataplexy that I used to have but slight… still, I didn’t appreciate it showing up in any shape or form once I had been able to banish it. I also had to cut my dosage back to a half a grain of rice worth sublingually just before bed.. exactly as I had originally started out with the Afghani.
So, it does a better job and the product lasts twice as long. Win/win
The price? 1200 pesos for a 10 ml syringe and that’s gonna keep me going for at least two years.