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    There’s been some back and forth on the Pandemrix vaccination. For example, this was published just last year. . I believe the Stanford paper that was retracted was withdrawn because their specific hypothesis of how Pandemrix elicitated an autoimmune response was not accurate, not necessarily because the basic premise was wrong. Narcolepsy type 1 is still very much thought to be autoimmune. However, it’s a very specific type of autoimmune damage, not a widespread attack, unless you have something like MS or SLE that caused your N. Narcolepsy type 2, they still dunno whats going on there. There’s been a movement in some corners to call it a variant of Idiopathic Hypersomnia. Someone on a narcolepsy fb group the other day reported that their sleep doc had diagnosed them with “Central Hypersomnia Narcolepsy” or something to that effect, and I questioned them on it, and it was basically their sleep doc’s pet name for Narcolepsy type 2.

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    @cnlmistard, n1 is believed to be autoimmune currently but there’s some debate still. N2 and IH are still a mystery in most cases.

    And yes, autoimmune diseases are essentially the immune system attacking something it shouldn’t. Type 1 diabetes is for instance caused by the immune system attacking the cells that produce insulin.


    Well I know I’m pretty messed up, but with the cocktail of stuff I’m on, I feel very good and I’m very much functional as a college professor.

    The N2 concept being a seperate aspect to the N1, sure feels like it, because I went 14 years just N1 before that started. My trigger for cataplexy is sensory overload. Since light is a huge percentage of that, well let’s just say I have many pair of sunglasses! But the light sensitivity progressed for 4 years before the first cataplexy, basically just causing seasickness.

    Oh, my annual opthamologist exam is now an event, they should you-tube it next time! They have three assistants present, to keep my body propped up for the retina look-see.

    I appreciate the chat, and always hope something trivial I say might accidentally turn out ot be an insight to another.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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