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    Ferret, eat your heart out … pot pills.

    1-4 softgels/night 2 hours before bedtime

    1-2 softgels upon awakening and then 1-2 softgels 7 hours later during the day (CNS stim/stoned ulant)?

    HA HA … I can get these and U can’t. Not that I think they will work.


    Ok Ferret, I could find any linalools — the entourage effect you know.




    1 to 4 softgels a night? Ingested? Whatever works for you. I wouldn’t be interested because, if you need that many, it is very diluted.
    Been doing the grain of rice thing since December of 2014. No increase, no change… it just works for me. Cheap too.


    Granddaddy Purple, Purple Urkle … etc. If it’s got the name purple in it or the bud is purple then it most likely contains linalool.
    You are limiting yourself to the selection provided by the Canadian Medical Cannabis people. They can’t make them all because there are thousands and thousands of strains/hybrids.
    Whatever works for you. I can only tell you what works for me.


    Those are for titration to find the best dose. There is a 10mg capsule and it’s not 4x bigger. They have an energy/focus formula. They prefer myrcene.
    You are assigned to one entity but you can shop.

    I ordered one bottle of softgels each as they are more convenient. But they wouldn’t accept returns on any unopened cannabis oil product and told me how to properly store it. I haven’t used it yet because … long story.

    It’s all quality controlled. Raised in Ontario. You can even buy your own seeds — everything is ideal and grown under idea controlled conditions. All the other oils are being capsulized for convenience — like omega fish oils to prevent dosing errors and also for discreetness.

    My doctor is the first one doing this, but I wanted to do XYREM REST-ON. I compained to Flamel — I was rejected because I have used X in the last six months. Jazz rejected me for JZP because I use bisoprolol to protect my heart. They’re that stupid.


    <My doctor is the first one doing this, but I wanted to do XYREM REST-ON. I compained to Flamel — I was rejected because I have used X in the last six months. Jazz rejected me for JZP because I use bisoprolol to protect my heart. They’re that stupid.>

    Sorry IH, I need a translation for this paragraph.


    Before I get to that @ferret, you can order any one of ten different SEEDS and do it yourself, but you’d have to vape it. He does not recommend vaping because it is harmful to the lungs also.

    They do have a LINALOOL one (there are over 100 terpenes) but the THC/CBD ratio is not good on the two linalools. It is not indicated for sleep. It is color code GREEN. The myrcene ones are indicated for sleep.

    Flamel Technologies of France has a new one-dose-a-night XYREM called REST-ON. It is in Phase 3 Clinical and available in Toronto. They asked me if I ever used Xyrem, so I said YES. That was a disqualifying factor. Well screw them!

    Jazz Pharmaceuticals has a new stimulant called JZP 110, also in Phase 3 Clinical. Because I was taking a heart medication to protect my heart (stimulants speed up your heart), they disqualified me also. I don’t have heart disease.

    These researchers are out to fucking lunch.

    I will post more on the cannabis revolution in Canada. There are now maybe 60 companies a Canadian doctor can sign up for as cannabis treatment for a wide range of conditions. The cancer formula for your late husband for example is not the same as yours. The epilepsy one is different.

    My doctor once said to me, “do you know what one of the best drugs is?”
    Now, he’s a lung doctor (an internist with a subspecialty in respiratory disorders and YES, HE IS BOARD CERTIFIED IN SLEEP MEDICINE). Does Emergency Medicine too.

    “What is the best drug?” I said


    He said that out of the blue. All patients responded favorably to it at 20-30mg.

    There is a neurodegenerative formulation, a pain one, an anxiety one, an inflammatory one. It’s a very complex science. Your husband maybe needed multiple strains. It is also used as adjunctive therapy.

    Your problem in Mexico is you just don’t know what you’re getting and don’t have many choices. That’s why I told you to come up here, but without OHIP, you’re stick. OHIP and residency is a requirement to get into the program.


    My posts are showing up with typographical errors.


    They even have cannabis skin cream … LOL.


    You’re preaching to the choir IH/Mark. I am more than well aware of the different kinds.
    I would suggest you meander over to the thread in Other Prescription Strategies called “Cannabis Cheat Sheet”.
    I have two stepsons who make their own oil… it’s very easy and you do NOT have to vape it.
    May I suggest that any topics that are mentioning any form of Cannabis be restricted to that thread? It is far easier for someone searching for specific information to find it.
    You are very lucky to have found a Doctor who is knowledgeable.
    I wish you were starting it with a clean slate though. Your other meds are going to muddy the waters residually and I’m sure your Doctor has told you that.


    Since all of this seemed to be a part of one discussion, I merged it all to one thread and moved it to the non-Rx forum. I also deleted a thread that was directly attacking a member. I don’t have time nor inclination to deal with this crap, so reign it in and save me some sanity points please.

    My current jam: Anathema - Springfield


    @Ferret, it was almost fate. The Cannabis drug rep came in and tried to convince him, but he turned him down. I walked in immediately after and said “none of this shit works anymore” and the next thing you know, he jumps out of his chair and starts chasing the Cannabis drug rep, brings him back and we start discussing options. Then I told him about your experience. We signed up that same day. He really didn’t know much about it. For sure, based on Maggie’s experience I said, the drug is a strong anti-cataplectic. I just have no idea what she got.

    There were so many combinations available it was confusing. Every day I get an e-mail about a new blend. He said he would prefer I use Cannabis Oil and drop Xyrem completely. I would wake up refreshed on that trash, but that’s all. Some people swear by it, but I never liked it, NEVER. For sleep they all agreed vaping would not last — it had to be ingested. So now I’m going to go ahead with it because the pharmaceuticals are shit, total shit, over the long term.

    The pharmacokinetic and dynamic tolerances are just shit. Shire got on my nerves. The whole system got on my nerves to the point I honestly wanted to blow my brains out. Mydayis was out — the chewable format was 10% weaker yet they didn’t adjust.

    When I was booted from the Xyrem test because I would immediately know if I was given placebo, I said, are you fucking stupid? You can feel it. It’s not like surgical anesthesia that knocks you out all at once. Nobody would be blinded. With JZP (solriamfetol), they wanted the night time medication removed. Again, I blew a gasket.

    Then came the Vyvanse surprise — they use different concentrations in the capsules. The 70 doesn’t work! Bad lot? What’s going on? Try to get a switch and the doctor is nowhere to be found.

    I called the office and said the LD50 for Xyrem is A. I have pulled 2 times A into a vial. Get me my Adderall script NOW or I’ll drink it.


    Stimulants speed up you heart @Ferret. In order to block the stimulant from touching the heart, but not block it from touching the brain, a cardioselective beta blocker was chosen to do just that. It isn’t perfect though. Some of those receptors are in the brain.

    Jazz pharma blocked me from their new drug (SOLRIAMFETOL) because of that, which pissed me off to no end. Nobody in Toronto signed up for the trial. Not one person.

    FLAMEL dropped me from their one-dose Xyrem because I would know right away if I was given the real drug or the fake. Xyrem makes my head spin. I should have lied on the questionnaire.


    This is what I used for over two years…
    I knew the guy, saw his two plants. Unfortunately, he was taking a clone from a clone every year and killed it. You’re supposed to keep your “mama” plant healthy and not allowed to bloom… and take cuttings from the SAME MAMA every year.


    As his supply went kaput, he recommended another person. It has taken some adjustment because the new supply contains 50% CBD/50% THC. Although I don’t like it as much (and had to double the dose to a full grain of rice), the CBD has eliminated some joint (no pun intended) pain that is a nice perk. Hips, knees and ankles are much more mobile.

    You have to listen to how YOU feel. If you feel a little groggy in the morning, you took too much. Patience… you have to have patience and give it TIME to help you… although for me the elimination of daily cataplexy was the most obvious at the two week mark. But I was also med free other than my stim with vaping nicotine. So, please don’t get discouraged if it takes longer with you.
    One day at a time.

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