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    You are ingesting it though @Ferret — Sublinox works the same way, it goes down into your stomach from under your tongue. Usually it’s a trace amount of CBD. A 50/50 split is rarely indicated for sleep.

    The therapeutic dose is about 10-30 milligrams of THC from an Indica strain with a high myrcene content and a trace of CBD.

    One of the good ones is this one:


    My Gawd, you are tedious, stubborn and extraordinarily irritating.
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    It is NOT the same and, if you don’t get the difference, ask your Doctor. That’s why your capsules take two hours and my method takes two minutes.


    Is yours emulsified? CO2 extraction? What? How would you even know if your latency is 1 minute with or without?


    Don’t apologize for your mistake whatever you do.
    I know how it’s made and I know how it works on me. Only been doing this for over four years now. You want everything nailed down and it’s simply not possible. The very big variable is YOUR brain and YOUR brain chemistry.
    Stop waffling and get it done.


    where did my mary sunshine post go?


    there was important info in that post that i need.


    there’s no difference … what solvent did he use? … wash …. rice cooker? i want the terpenoid profiles i posted as i lost them and the carbon dioxide method video.


    I am getting very tired of responding to your combative posts. I don’t care that you’ve got access to CO2 extraction… it happens to kill ALL terpenes and they are added individually AFTER the fact in, maybe, the correct proportions.
    As I stated in your Mary Sunshine post, mine is done with pure Ethanol. Isopropyl alcohol should not be used and should never be ingested. The oil is the consistency of molasses.
    I keep referring you back to the Cannabis Cheat Sheet thread where there is a video with details on how to make it. You won’t read it.
    I know mine works and it has done so for nearly four years. You have NO idea if yours will work. The difference is between a pick up and a Mercedes. One isn’t better than the other since they both have four wheels and get you from point A to point B.
    I wish you luck going forward because I’m done trying to explain things to you.


    Oh, this discussion has a much more interesting plot than the most famous films…
    But to be honest, this argument is not yet necessary, since the topic of cannabis is still clearly not fully disclosed. This is a new direction. Now even scientific articles that present the results of their research are ambiguous. But I would like to mention the predominance of positive reviews about cannabis products. From personal experience, I want to say that I have been using Organic CBD Nugs for 5 years. I do not observe any negative consequences. On the contrary, I got rid of endless headaches, stress and anxiety.

Viewing 9 posts - 31 through 39 (of 39 total)
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