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    A VERY BIG thank you to Jason who has now made it possible to open links in a separate window. Easy to use and, when finished, just close that window and you’re back to the post in which you found the link. Thumbs up Jason!


    Further on the terpene Linalool which is responsible for the smell in Lavender. Lavender, on its own, is discussed here:

    I highly suspect that Linalool increases deep sleep… and that is good for those of us with Narcolepsy but also good for keeping the brain free of the tau tangles and amyloid buildup in Alzheimers. Which takes us back full circle to the very first link that I posted in this thread. If there’s no or limited deep sleep, the brain can’t or doesn’t have time to do its housecleaning.


    First off, thank you for the lovely post! I have referred to it multiple times when trying to gather info RE: the use of CBD oil for treating narcolepsy. In fact, it is what prompted me to create an account here! I have just a few questions for you or anyone who might have answers. Also, given the somewhat controversial nature of this discussion I’m just gonna let ya’ll know upfront that I am pro both medical and recreational use of marijuana and its legality/”morality”/legitimacy. I am not really looking to change my mind any time soon. I don’t really want to be lectured to in case anyone is wondering πŸ˜› That said, here’s the background surrounding the questions:

    -I suffer from type 1 narcolepsy

    -I have been on xyrem up until two months ago when I lost my insurance (on my freakin’ 23rd birthday, no less… thanks tricare!)

    -I am currently a university student who will be taking up a part time, at home job (hopefully, anyway, as I have not received the final call concerning my employment but have made it through multiple interviews)

    -I cannot afford prescription meds, I can barely afford tuition and room/board WITH loans.

    All those things said, I am wondering the following RE: CBD oil and its effects on sleep for people with narcolepsy:

    -Though I am not looking for it to replace xyrem completely (I know it’s probably a bit of a pipe dream) I am hoping to use it to get deeper, more restful sleep. Does it work for this purpose?

    -It would be cool if it helped with cataplexy as well. Can anyone vouch for its efficacy in this regard?

    -Does it seem to help with co-morbidities, such as depression, anxiety, and attention deficit issues?

    -What is the best way to tell if a supplier has quality product? What do YOU look for in a CBD oil? Do you have any in mind? How do you recommend getting started?

    My apologies if all the answers I seek are somewhere in this thread. Thanks everyone!


    It definitely helps me, all around, for my overall balance of health.
    It absolutely, for me at least, does and can help limit Cataplexy.
    Whether that has to do with actually something going on deeper, which would be aside from the relieving of stress, being relaxing and soothing, I couldn’t say.
    CBD alone will have some subtle benefits.
    The combination though with THC, and the very many more, other elements (THC-A, THC-V, CBD-A, CBC, CBG, CBN), are really the jewel; from personal experience I’ll state that there are many different effects that can be gained from Cannabis. Take a look here:

    Know that CBD comes in different forms, I’d not get any from a grocery or health food store in a non legal Cannabis state as it likely is from a non quality plant. Get CBD from a quality place, you want it coming from quality flower which can really only be produced in legal states at this point.

    It’s good to know that CBD goes hand and hand with THC, as in one will or can balance the other out, supposedly. If you think on that, it is to say you can have a daytime or nighttime effect, or other effects, from a specific combination/type.

    Also, I think THC is a REM suppressant, which is a good thing for us with N.

    It’s such a shame there’s any controversy over such an amazing, and not artificial thing. Just glad it seems that change should be coming, as there’s already been such progress on that front. Some hope, perhaps.


    @the_sleepy_wolf Welcome to the crew! You don’t have much to worry about regarding being lectured on here, haha. @ferret would be a good person to reply to your questions probably. She’s usually pretty active on here.

    You probably qualify for “Obama Care” for next to nothing and some of the insurance plans are excellent. Someone I know was paying $11 per month for a $500 out of pocket maximum for the year, which is insanely good. Losing your current health insurance, allows you to sign up outside of the enrollment period. See

    If you’d rather be on an Rx, Xyrem is the only medication that is totally ridiculously priced without insurance. If you have to pay cash for medications, using something like goodrx, can lower the cost of Nuvigil to less than $40 per month, which is pretty reasonable. Most of the cataplexy medications are less than $10 per month.


    I’m BAAACK! Sorry, that was NOT a great three weeks for me. Been without a landline or internet since April 27th when a stupid Telmex employee cut my line to install a line in a new house around the corner. Just got it back on Saturday at 4 pm . Sigh. Such fun living in Mexico.

    First of all… can we PLEASE stop calling Cannabis Oil by the name CBD Oil??? They are completely different. Cannabis Oil can contain CBD (cannabidiol) but CBD Oil ONLY contains CBD (cannabidiol).

    You want an Indica with THC and very little CBD. That is what gave me the great sleep and eliminated my daily cataplexy by putting a half a grain of rice worth (from a syringe) under my tongue just before getting into bed.
    There’s a lot of information packed into all the links provided in this thread. Please take the time to read them when you can.
    Best of luck!


    I like the NEW FERRET!

    You are so right. The oil I got today is less than 1% CBD, and heavily tilted towards THC. Yellow is for pain. Red is for sleep.

    THC is Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol

    I’m on RED. See color code chart.


    This red indica cannabis oil is designed for ingestion, can easily be consumed with food and is a safe alternative to inhalation. It’s important to start low and go slow, as it may take 1-2 hours or longer to begin feeling the effects of cannabis oil after consumption, and the effects may last 6-10 hours or more. This product comes with a 1 mL syringe and helpful information for precise dosing.


    Can I have your landline? I don’t think the sleep is what does it Ferret.

    Xyrem rebalances. Clonazepam and amphetamine are anti-cataplectic — for mild cataplexy. It’s norepinephrine that stops it. Nobody really knows why Delta 9 works on cataplexy, but there are a shi* load of drugs that do off label.

    I will be wired up on it so we’ll see what it does in sleep, but I know Xyrem is all smoke and mirrors. I don’t know why some do well on it in monotherapy and are able to go back to work. My doctor feels the ones who do don’t really have narcolepsy, because the majority still require a stimulant.

    The clinical data supports that. Xyrem originated from Toronto and it was a fluke. I don’t think it produces sleep, but instead produces unconsciousness.

    Just like general anesthesia is not real sleep, XYREM isn’t either.


    This article explains why I want you to put the cannabis oil UNDER your tongue so it is absorbed into the big veins under the tongue and is not ingested (going through the alimentary canal). I also do not advocate smoking anything.


    It’s been a while since I posted on this thread so I’d like to give you an update. I started out in this process by using a pure Indica called Afghani (only THC NO CBD). That’s what gave me the deepest sleep and eliminated the cataplexy. Then I couldn’t get it any more and had to use a half THC half CBD from heaven only knows what strain. Okay, but not the same and I had to take twice as much to achieve mediocre results.
    FINALLY… I am two weeks into a new supply of PURE INDICA based HINDU KUSH (only TCH no CBD). OH MY! What a difference!!! Not only is it a wonderful deep sleep but I’m not having breakthrough cataplexy AT ALL. It wasn’t the heavy fall down cataplexy that I used to have but slight… still, I didn’t appreciate it showing up in any shape or form once I had been able to banish it. I also had to cut my dosage back to a half a grain of rice worth sublingually just before bed.. exactly as I had originally started out with the Afghani.
    So, it does a better job and the product lasts twice as long. Win/win
    The price? 1200 pesos for a 10 ml syringe and that’s gonna keep me going for at least two years.


    This article explains why I want you to put the cannabis oil UNDER your tongue so it is absorbed into the big veins under the tongue and is not ingested (going through the alimentary canal). I also do not advocate smoking anything.

    The link that I posted above is now going to a recipe for cannabutter. Such is the internet.
    Hopefully THIS link will answer questions about sublingual absorption and it won’t change.


    If you suffer from aches, pain, inflammation or stress then Cannabidiol seems to be the way to go. I have already noted that CBD (cannabidiol) is known for being stimulating as well so I wouldn’t take any at least six hours before bed. THC is what gives you the deep REM free sleep.
    Personally, I am noting aches and pains coming back again. A little stiff and slow to get going in the morning. The mind is willing but, at 68, it’s harder to convince my body.
    So, I was very pleased to have been sent this link of the best third party tested CBD (no THC) products available. It was posted on a local forum by someone who suffers from fibromyalgia and is using the first product with great results. I know someone else in California who has a lot of hardware in her back and has been able to cut back her pain meds by over half with the addition of CBD. Yours to discover.

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