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    Hi I just made an account so I could reply to your post. I have narcolepsy with cataplexy and have been using xyrem for 2 years. Long story short, I want to stop taking it. However, I cannot live even half a normal life without it. It is the only things that has ever worked for me.

    I have smoked marijauna recreationally, I liked it more when I was younger but lately don’t care for how it makes me feel (insecure, paranoid when not in moderation). Lately I’ve been thinking about making the switch from xyrem to medical marijuana. I have no clue where to start though; there’s so much of it!

    Can anyone give me some advice on what works best for them? Doses? Methodology? My cataplexy is very mild. My biggest concern is the EDS. I don’t want to go back to constantly being late, feeling attached to my bed, sleeping instead of studying and going to social events… well, you’re all narcoleptics here, need I say more?

    Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks! 🙂


    Everything you need to know is in the first post of this five page thread.

    An INDICA concentrated oil that comes in a syringe. 1/2 a grain of rice worth sublingually just before bed. You don’t get high, or paranoid because you’re in a deep dreamless sleep. And, depending on the frequency of your cataplexy (mine was daily), it will be GONE in about two weeks. If you stop taking the oil, cataplexy comes back in about four days.
    I also take CBD during the day (two drops sublingually at 7 am and two drops at 7 pm) and find it quite uplifting. Each drop has about 2.5 mg in it. Be careful when choosing CBD that it is FULL spectrum and not an isolate. Also that it has been third party tested for concentration and content. If the certificate of analysis is not shown ON the website BEFORE you go to purchase the product, I would steer clear of it. Lots of charlatans out there now.


    Be safe everyone! I live in the state of Jalisco in Mexico and I am very proud of the Governor of Jalisco for taking the coronavirus seriously. His stance is opposite to the President of Mexico who thinks that good luck charms and faith are going to be all that is needed. We are in lockdown and practising extreme safety procedures if we MUST go out. Personally, I’ve been in lockdown for two weeks already because of a sprained calf muscle. I have been carefully watching the spread of this virus worldwide since the end of December and was well prepared as I have a fully stocked pantry.
    Be safe, be smart and survive!


    Still kickin’ here!
    I have been taking a good quality CBD (cannabidiol)oil for quite a while now to help with pain. Excellent!
    Now here’s the icing on the cake… it helps with Covid…

    Taking CBD oil must be accompanied by social distancing and wearing a mask. The last two minimize your exposure and the CBD to help against an exposure.

    Stay safe and take precautions!


    In fact, these cannabinoids can be dangerous for the body if you take them without instructions and at least a little prior experience. A serious substance should be taken with great deliberation. Personally, I prefer red vein maeng da kratom because this powder was useful to my father and relieved his joint pain. This is a good tool for dealing with some of common problems of humanity. For me personally, kratom has been effective in dealing with stress, so I recommend this powder.

Viewing 5 posts - 61 through 65 (of 65 total)
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