Can't keep a job bc I can't wake up

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    Im 25 and have trouble keeping. Job because waking up is so difficult. Most of the time I manage to scurry into work on time-5ish minutes late. I’ve slept through the time I’m supposed to be there and since Ive worked there for a long time I’ve been given a lot of grace but I’m starting a new job soon where I’ll probably have to leave at 7am. I’ve tried two bell alarm clocks along with my phone alarm clock, going to bed and waking up at the same time every day, taking meds when I get up, reducing my sleep meds,pretty much all I know. I’m mean to my parents when they try to wake me and don’t remember it at all. No matter what I seem to stumble back into bed. My boss called me 3 times this morning with my ringer on high and I didn’t hear it once . I’m so stuck. I’m going to start school at night so I need to work during the day


    I feel your pain! I’m 37 now, but by your age I had been fired from 26 jobs, mainly because I couldn’t t get out of bed. I was diagnosed with narcolepsy at age 32 and it’s still a regular struggle. After many versions and trials, What’s worked best for me is to set multiple alarms, in another room. I found it just too easy to turn off a phone alarm without remembering. The first one is set at least half an hour before I need to get up. I have to get out of bed to turn off the alarm and beside the alarm I have a glass of water and a dish of modafinal (I can’t open pill bottles when I’m tired). I also pre-make coffee the night before, and turn it on at the first alarm. At the second alarm I still have to get out of bed to turn off, but my pills have kicked in and I can usually force myself to stay up at that point. Without the meds it’s impossible though, and I’m not always successful. Sometimes I go through all that and the idea of showering is just too exhausting and I go back to bed, even with the high dose of meds. I feel ya sister! Good luck!


    @sammysamyoh you might want to try one of those Philips blue light alarms. It’s almost impossible for me to go back to sleep with that thing.

    Hope you get to feeling better! Feel free to reach out if you need anything!

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