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    Hey guys!

    I’m trying CBD oil for my IH, I’ve read that because it doesn’t contain THC it works as a stimulant for many people. I’ve been using it sublingually for a week now though and so far, nothing. I’m not really sure about the dosing though, I’ve tried everything from just a couple of drops to 2 droppersful like the instructions suggest. Reading other people’s accounts online, some people take a small dose and some take huge doses.

    Has anyone has success with this for their EDS? I’ve read Ferret’s posts but I’m not sure if it’s the same thing, she uses a tiny dose at bedtime.

    Any advice is appreciated. 🙂


    I noticed that you have IH. Has any doctor ever recommended Flumazenil to you? Flumazenil used to be used in cases of benzodiazepine overdose. It’s in the pioneering phase for use in IH. Sorry I don’t know about your CBD drops but I felt that I should at least mention Flu.



    I’m not using CBD oil (cannabidiol oil) which is usually made from Hemp. I’m using real Cannabis Oil which is so thick that it comes in a syringe and it’s hard to squeeze out the 1/2 grain of rice worth that I put under my tongue sublingually before bed.
    The THC is what gives you the deep sleep that most of us are missing. It doesn’t even matter if it gets old because the THC converts to CBN (cannabinol) which is even better for sleep.
    BTW, if you take more of the cannabis oil than you need, you will wake up groggy.
    As far as your CBD oil goes, sounds like it’s very diluted or ? Is it from a reputable company? http://www.healthyhempoil.com has the CBD oil from hemp in syringe form but it ain’t cheap.
    edited to add: https://healthyhempoil.com/shop/real-scientific-hemp-oil/gold-cbd-oil/


    @eleuthero I asked a previous sleep doc about it but was told it wasn’t available yet. Granted, I’ve seen several sleep specialists at this point and that was probably at least 18 mos ago. Do you know if it’s accessible yet? I’d love to try it. I’d actually asked about it once on the old NN forums and for some reason, was under the impression it probably wouldn’t help in my case anyway but I can’t remember the specifics. Between not thinking it would help and not thinking it was available, I never followed up on it further. Thanks for refreshing my memory. I’ll ask about it for sure.

    @ferret Okay, that makes sense as far as why you take such a small amount and why I’ve tried drops and droppers full. I bought Ananda oil at the health food store. It seemed good from what I read online and was highly recommended by an employee who uses it for fibromyalgia pain. Not sure if is worth trying another brand or if should just add it to my list of things I’ve tried and move on. One of these days…


    “In the study, those who received CBD reported sleeping longer, with fewer periods of wakefulness or restlessness. CBD use also appeared to impact dream recall, but subjects reported no feelings of “hangover” the following day.”

    It seems that CBD oil is good for insomnia. I personally use it before sleep and have had amazing results over the last six months.


    Falling asleep in under 30 minutes, something I could never do before CBD.
    Staying asleep for over six hours.
    Waking up not feeling groggy or angry.
    I support CBD, and you should too


    CBD is good if you suffer from anxiety and stress that prevents you from getting to sleep and staying asleep. It is also excellent for pain. I would not take it directly before bed (last dose around 6 pm) because it can be stimulating to some.
    You can read more about my experiences with CBD and THC in the Cannabis Oil Cheat Sheet thread in Non RX Strategies. I have gone back to a concentrated oil with 50% CBD and 50% THC because of pain. I do not fall asleep as fast and it’s OK for cataplexy but, in a country where I can’t get quality known and tested CBD, it’ll do. For complete elimination of cataplexy, you need the THC. And I wake up exactly 7 hours after taking cannabis oil with THC. Not groggy but ready to go. It was the reoccurrence of arm, leg and joint pain that sent me scurrying back to the half and half.


    How are you? Are you still taking CBD oil? I also recently started taking this product and after two weeks my health is better than before. I am sure that CBD has the right effect on the body. It helped me cope with insomnia and social anxiety. Before I started taking CBD, I studied a few of its properties. For example, what does cbd oil smell like in order to take it at work, not to show it to the boss and other office employees. No one knows that I am being treated with oil. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for your attention.


    To whom is your question directed PenelopeEll? I still take CBD from NuLeaf Naturals… so do my dogs. We’re all doing fine with our various ailments related to old age. I also still take concentrated THC oil (a half a grain of rice worth) sublingually just before bed. Since November of 2014, I have had perhaps 3 mild cataplexies. It works for me.


    I had some recommendations from a few doctors to start CBD oil as a good alternative to the sleeping pills I have been prescribed for years! One of the biggest disadvantages of all the sleeping pills is that when it comes to stopping them due to adversary effects it becomes impossible to sleep without them at all. I went to https://greengoddesscollective.com/ dispensary in Venice Beach and looked for specific batches or strains that aim exactly to that. It was great to have a budtender give me a specific strain that calms you down so much that you are able to sleep within minutes.

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