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    I’m not sure that there are many children in this forum, so would like to ask all the adult PWN – what help do you think a Child with narcolepsy should receive at school? My son is 13 and his school doesn’t think he needs additional support as he’s not ‘failing’. I’ve told them about microsleeps and EDS, the impact on cognition and learning – but they’re not convinced….
    If anyone replies on this thread – I’m happy to collate the comments into a list of accommodations that could be used by other parents.

    Narcoleptic NealNarcoleptic Neal

    I plan on using this when I start back to school. It has some helpful links. I hope it helps!


    I wish I had an answer for you, Jacky! What worked for me through college and law school was napping pretty much every day, and I did extremely well in school, but obviously your son can’t take naps during grade/middle/high school!

    I will say, however, that I got most sleepy when doing loads and loads of assigned reading. Might be helpful to help him think of strategies to keep awake while reading- where to do his reading, how to break it up, etc.


    I would say request they give him a place to nap during lunch period. That’s not an unreasonable accommodation imho.

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    Umm I’m probably a perfect example of the system failing kids. I didn’t make it through highschool… College was a cakewalk because it was flexible. Law school is taught in a ridiculously time consuming manner so, while still above average, I didn’t do as well as in college. I wasn’t diagnosed until I was a practicing attorney though. Katie is just way smarter than I am…


    Thank you for the feedback – I think he uses foreign language lessons as bonus sleep opportunities! And if a teacher stays in ‘dull’ for too long then he’s gone!

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