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    Participant @brannonb

    Hello all, I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy this past week. I am doing a 2 month treatment with two different medicines. At the end of the two months I will decide which one works best, but I have a question. For those that have tried Ritalin, at what intervals did you take it? Mine is 1 pill twice a day, but I find them wearing off quickly. Don’t want to try 8am & 8pm because it will keep me up late, but 8am and 2pm leaves me very tired by 5 or 6pm and I cant function. It don’t help working 10-12 hr shifts either.


    Moderator @ferret

    @brannonb What is the concentration of the Ritalin you are taking AND is it time release or not?
    The answers to those questions may get you more responses.

    I would also suggest that you have a close family member or work associate monitor your behavior while on it. It made me irritable and aggressive to the point that my hubby told me to get off it or it was divorce time. Thank heaven he knew it was the meds and not me. Just a heads up and, remember, that each of us is unique and that our reactions and ability to process meds will be different.


    Participant @brannonb

    Hey Ferret, Thanks for the reply. The dosage is 20mg twice a day and it is NON time release. I hope this gets more answers. Thanks again.


    Participant @natdoc

    The immediate release form of ritalin has an expected half life of 1.5 – 4 hours on average. Meaning that about 50% of the medication will have expended its effectiveness and been eliminated from your body plasma. Only my opinion but a more effective regimen may be an extended release in the morning and an immediate release later in the afternoon. I might add that we have not experienced very good results with this medication. The most important thing to remember is not to give up or get discouraged, this is a journey and eventually you will find your sweet spot. I would refer you to the posts from ferret and remember that not all problems in narcolepsy patients are improved by pharmaceuticals.
    All my best

    Keymaster @jasonm

    @brannonb Ritalin IR is usually dosed 3 times a day, not two. Every 4 hours generally.

    Participant @wv_narcoleptic

    There are a lot of Narcolepsy meds besides Ritalin, keep that in mind. However, consider Ritalin LA or ER. They make Ritalin with time release, you take it once and don’t cycle up and down all day. I did not find Ritalin very effective.

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