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    Participant @dg

    I wanted to create a place where people could discuss their experiences with dreaming be it lucid or otherwise.

    I have a few things I wanted to discuss but for now I wanted to know if anyone else experienced feeling really crappy after sleeping in a physical sense (not just being tired still) and having to almost wait 10 or so minutes to “reboot” and things to return to normal?

    Participant @wv_narcoleptic

    Started symptoms of narcolepsy around 1987. Diagnosed 1999. Started Xyrem 2011. Between symptoms and diagnosis I had dreams that were very vivid in color and I had all senses. If something happened in the dream I could actually feel it. I used to dream I dropped something and then, while still asleep, would leap out of bed to catch it.
    A few years after diagnosis, my symptoms changed and I couldn’t get to sleep at all. I would lie awake all night and if I did fall asleep I would be asleep for a couple hours then wake up. I had no dreams then. Since I started taking Xyrem I dream what I would consider normal dreams.


    Participant @idreamofnapping

    My experience before Xyrem was that I seemed to be dreaming all night long, in one continuous saga that changed characters and plot points gradually over a long stretch, instead of separate, distinct dream stories. And I could wake up slightly and decide to go back into the same dream I came out of. And the next night, as soon as my head hit the pillow, I’d flashback right into the last dream I was having that morning when I woke up.

    I had dreams within dreams… in my dream, I decide to take a nap, then I have another dream, then I “wake up” and tell my dream-mates about the dream I just had! On more than one occasion, I had a dream-within-a-dream-within-a-dream! I out-dreamed “Inception”!

    Nightmares were never really scary, because when things got bad, I could tell myself it was just a dream, so I could change it! That was convenient!
    Now that I’m on Xyrem, I don’t notice any dreams until it’s almost time to wake up, so they’re not so long anymore. I still flashback to them as soon as I lie down again, though.


    Participant @nincolorado

    Ah the dreams! The one thing about narcolepsy I miss. I’ve been on Xyrem for the last several months and my dream have becoming boringly normal.

    I used to revel in my dreams; interacting with them and changing them as I liked. It was better than watching a movie because I could feel, hear, and taste them with such vivid realness. And in the morning I could recount every detail such as the color of eyes or the stitching in my jeans.

    The musical ones were best. Has anyone experienced a dream like this? Music is playing and I could hear the music and feel the music because I was music. The most beautiful otherworldly songs composed of light that left me anticipating what the next note would feel like. Such joy and peace; i do miss it.

    My last recurring dream before Xyrem lasted about 9 months. Several times per week I dreamed I was wolverine from the Xmen. It was about the time the Logan movie came out and I’m not gonna lie; it was pretty awesome. I was Logan and could feel those claws coming out of my knuckles. They hurt at first but after 9 months I got really good at it in my dream and could make them come right out.

    Sounds crazy…I know…

    Participant @wv_narcoleptic

    Yes! I used to dream dreams with original music. Songs with original lyrics that actually made sense.

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