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    I wanted to create a place where people could discuss their experiences with dreaming be it lucid or otherwise.

    I have a few things I wanted to discuss but for now I wanted to know if anyone else experienced feeling really crappy after sleeping in a physical sense (not just being tired still) and having to almost wait 10 or so minutes to “reboot” and things to return to normal?


    Started symptoms of narcolepsy around 1987. Diagnosed 1999. Started Xyrem 2011. Between symptoms and diagnosis I had dreams that were very vivid in color and I had all senses. If something happened in the dream I could actually feel it. I used to dream I dropped something and then, while still asleep, would leap out of bed to catch it.
    A few years after diagnosis, my symptoms changed and I couldn’t get to sleep at all. I would lie awake all night and if I did fall asleep I would be asleep for a couple hours then wake up. I had no dreams then. Since I started taking Xyrem I dream what I would consider normal dreams.


    My experience before Xyrem was that I seemed to be dreaming all night long, in one continuous saga that changed characters and plot points gradually over a long stretch, instead of separate, distinct dream stories. And I could wake up slightly and decide to go back into the same dream I came out of. And the next night, as soon as my head hit the pillow, I’d flashback right into the last dream I was having that morning when I woke up.

    I had dreams within dreams… in my dream, I decide to take a nap, then I have another dream, then I “wake up” and tell my dream-mates about the dream I just had! On more than one occasion, I had a dream-within-a-dream-within-a-dream! I out-dreamed “Inception”!

    Nightmares were never really scary, because when things got bad, I could tell myself it was just a dream, so I could change it! That was convenient!
    Now that I’m on Xyrem, I don’t notice any dreams until it’s almost time to wake up, so they’re not so long anymore. I still flashback to them as soon as I lie down again, though.


    Ah the dreams! The one thing about narcolepsy I miss. I’ve been on Xyrem for the last several months and my dream have becoming boringly normal.

    I used to revel in my dreams; interacting with them and changing them as I liked. It was better than watching a movie because I could feel, hear, and taste them with such vivid realness. And in the morning I could recount every detail such as the color of eyes or the stitching in my jeans.

    The musical ones were best. Has anyone experienced a dream like this? Music is playing and I could hear the music and feel the music because I was music. The most beautiful otherworldly songs composed of light that left me anticipating what the next note would feel like. Such joy and peace; i do miss it.

    My last recurring dream before Xyrem lasted about 9 months. Several times per week I dreamed I was wolverine from the Xmen. It was about the time the Logan movie came out and I’m not gonna lie; it was pretty awesome. I was Logan and could feel those claws coming out of my knuckles. They hurt at first but after 9 months I got really good at it in my dream and could make them come right out.

    Sounds crazy…I know…


    Yes! I used to dream dreams with original music. Songs with original lyrics that actually made sense.


    I do feel crappy in the morning and am very happy that my doc has kept me on armodafinil. I also use caffeine when necessary.
    I don’t have lucid dreams, but my dreams are crazy ridiculous. I have them 2 or 3 times a night, and thankfully they dont follow me far into the waking world. I have dreams that involve death, rape, murder, and not the action-adventure/ cheer the hero kind. But I take it as an indication I’ve gotten some sleep because I used to get no slow-wave sleep and little REM sleep, just going in and out all night long.

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