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    I totally understand. I need dark and quiet when I sleep. I am so sensitive to light and noise when I need to sleep.
    I sleep every night with a sleep mask for years. Also, for daytime naps and air flights.
    Here is a link to the brand Alaska Bear which I like.
    Black out shades are not enough for me.
    Depending where I sleep, I also sleep with ear plugs. Sometimes they fall out, so try a couple of brands. I highly recommend using them as well, when needed. They can usually do the trick.

    I just moved out of my apartment last month because of ‘noise’. This was from: garbage truck, ticking from the baseboard heating unit in the walls, Birds chirping 5am, and a couple others. So I was looking for new place and was pissing off the first realtor because when we looked at some units, if I heard noise or it was not a top floor, I didn’t want it. Luckily I found a top floor end unit, which I’m trying to close on now. The funny thing is it has skylights, which I am iffy about. However, I do sleep with a sleep mask, so I hope to be Ok.

    AvatarSleepy RBD


    I asked…

    If you are asleep during a thunderstorm and it wakes you up, how do you react? (That question may seem somewhat random.)

    You answered…

    I don’t really react to the storms. It just briefly wakes me up, then I go back to sleep but when that happens 45 times, it tends to make me exhausted the next day.

    Here is my rather delayed response…
    The reason that I had asked about your reaction to the thunder is that I typically do not respond well to anything or anyone that happens to disturb my sleep. It is a little embarrassing to admit, but the thunder has been rebuked more than once for waking me up. I will wake up while still shouting at the thunder and at times also giving it a fist shake.
    I awaken with my arm out in front of me while shaking my balled up fist and shouting my displeasure in regards to the thunder’s extremely “rude” awakening.

    On a night like you described, I think that I would have had to just give up…

    If I decide that this post is way too embarrassing to leave up, can I have an extended editing option? LOL


    When I was a kid, Momma told me the terrifying thunderstorms of the East were ‘God speaking to me’. I could never quite figure out why He was so mad at me, but, as I got older I gave Him plenty to be upset about.

    Now that era is long gone, and here in the West, thunderstorms are considered a display of the awesome wonder and beauty of Nature, and it seems ‘God’ has mellowed a bit too, as such storms tend to gently carry me into the night.

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    • Be kind to Mother Nature and the Little Ones! 🙂

    AvatarSleepy RBD

    In preparation for a couple of upcoming trips, I did a quick forum search this morning for “earplugs”. That might sound rather random, but I thought I remembered @ferret mentioning a particular kind in a previous post. I couldn’t believe this discussion was in 2017…Wow.
    I just wanted to let you know that the access to previous information is one of the many valuable aspects of these forums. This site continues to be a resource and gift that just keeps giving. When so much was lost with the discontinuation of the NN forums, you guys stepped up to the plate by providing the opportunity for support and the flow of information to continue.
    Well done! Many thanks to all of you who made and continue to make this site possible! : )


    @sleepy-rbd Thank you! I’m glad this little project has blossomed and continues to grow. The NN forums saved my life and the community there became a second family to me and so many others. It’s really remarkable to me what a group of sleepy folks can do on a $500 budget from generous contributors and some determined volunteers. It was a hail mary when we started this site but it lifts my spirits whenever someone mentions it has helped them. The project was easily the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.

    It still boggles my mind why NN just sort of abandoned us without bothering to send an email to us even after we pleaded with them to continue the forum and offered to pay for it. First we received no response, then we were told the $70 per month was too expensive for them to maintain it (despite their several hundred thousand in yearly income). Then were were told it was Russian hackers…

    It was a dark day for all of us but I’m glad it happened now since we cast off the pharmaceutical company shenanigans that likely resulted in the NN forum shutdown. My only regret is not having as much time as I would like to devote to the site.

    And holy hell, we are getting remarkably close to our 2 year anniversary! Crazy!

    I’m glad you and the others in this group took a chance on our crazy idea of creating our own home 🙂


    Hi, I’ve created a new kind of a sleep mask with a patent-pending feature to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. I’m looking for 10 adult men who currently use sleep masks to try it out for a few nights and give feedback. If you’re interested you can reach me at Thanks, Ben


    @onewolff Why specifically men? Just curious


    Hi, I can only afford to have 10 made for a trial and I used my head as the model. That’s why it’s just for men right now. Thanks, Ben


    @onewolff LOL! Heads come in all sizes. It might be an idea to measure your head and state the limiting requirements. Just a thought. Still chuckling.

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