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    Right now I’m on a rather generous insurance plan. They don’t seem to be checking too closely. As I do have something which gets me fully back on my feet though I do spend time considering future plans.

    I’ve read there is some sort of coupon program for Xyrem. The ESSDS Pharmacy has been unwilling to tell me about this program. Could anyone advise me of anything about this?

    Do they check your diagnosis (will they refuse idiopathic hypersomnia)? Roughly how much do you end up paying per month|year?


    The coupon has to do with the patient out of pocket. The coupon will be whatever makes your total out of pocket = $35. For instance, if your out of pocket for your insurance company is $125, Jazz would give you a coupon for $90 and you would owe Jazz just $35. If your out of pocket was $50, then the coupon would just be $15. So on the coupon program the patient would pay $420 a year. I’m not sure about anything Jazz might require from the physician other than the prescription, but Xyrem is used to treat cataplexy and excessive daytime sleepiness EDS related to narcolepsy. I do not know how idiopathic hypersomnia would be handled.

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